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'Make it YOUR Space' Workshop attendee

What an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.  Learning lots.  Meeting new people and going home brimming with ideas.  Alex is the perfect Host.

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'Home Walk and Talk' Client

We had been living in our house for around 3 years, with two young children when we decided that the time had come to put our stamp on things.


We had made some decorative changes already and after spending LOTS of time on Pinterest and instagram, we knew what we liked and what we were hoping to achieve with some of the rooms in our home but wondered if our ideas that came from online inspiration would translate to our house. 


Enter Alex...she lent her ears and eyes (and paint charts!) She gave me the confidence to ‘go for it’ with the rooms I had already almost decided on and really helped us make decisions on the rooms we were stuck with. 


She listened to our ideas, looked at our existing furniture, looked at how our spaces functioned for us as a family and guided us to make choices that we absolutely love!


Alex is warm, friendly, energetic and engaging. Her passion for interiors and design is clear from the offset. Alex has helped our home tell our story through colour, furniture and styling. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking ‘to get un-stuck’ with making the home fabulous!

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'Make it YOUR Space' Workshop attendee

Alex is so talented and has such great knowledge of interior design.  She gives you the guidance & confidence to create your own space. Alex's home provides great inspiration and a great setting in a homely environment.  You feel so relaxed.  Thank you Alex, I am ready to get started!



'Make it YOUR Space' Workshop attendee

Alex really helps centre your ideas & gives you the tools to understand what your style is.

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'Home Walk and Talk' + 3D model Client

I had the pleasure of having Alex come to my home for a 'Home Walk and Talk' where I was able to be really clear on exactly what it was I was stuck with and what I needed help with (we are doing a 3m extension to the back of our house and an attic conversion and I was getting really stuck with figuring out how to best utilise the space). Alex was exactlythe right person to help me figure out what would work best for me and my family and was able to give more ideas on how to finish our home than our architect had done. Our session was more about understanding how to use the new space and make it fit for my family's needs. Alex is really friendly, down to earth and fantastic at what she does - after our chat I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I finally felt like I could visualise our extension coming to life!

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'Make it YOUR Space' Workshop attendee

A Great time learning about your own style and how this can then be used with designing your house.  Also, how important it is to put your own stamp on it to create your home.  Also, a great way to spend a Saturday!  A yummy lunch too!

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